Three Cheers for Irony

I usually write about daydreaming of beauty, makeup companies, social media and Instagram, but this time I thought I might shake things up bit. There is not a secret that I love daydreaming. It allows me to imagine possible endings and alternative situations that include people in my life. While there might be other solutions to escape reality, I prefer to daydream!

Ever since I was a toddler, I learned that even when life doesn’t go your way you can always make yourself feel better by thinking about possibilities. Daydreaming can help you tune out the noise from parents arguing and fighting with each other, the loud cars honking, screams from people on the steets and even the stupid overplay songs on the radio. But What most people don’t know is that It can also help you ease the pain of a broken heart.

A few years ago, I was in love with a guy who did not reciprocate my feelings. I used to daydream about ending together and that one day maybe he would love me the same way I loved him. Knowing that he didn’t love me caused me pain, but then I would start daydreaming and everything was ok again. From that point on I realized that daydreaming was better than crying or feeling sorry for myself. Daydreaming inspires me to keep trying and never give up. The only downside is that eventually we must wake up, even from our daydreams.

Life has taught me that no amount of Estée Lauder concealer and Chanel foundation can cover up the sadness reflected in your face. No amount of likes and nice comments on a pic on Instagram can delete the painful memories.  No matter what anyone says There is not a easy fix for a broken.

When people are heart broken, they know they need to get over it, but the question remains: when is it time to say goodbye and start over ? Daydreaming allows me to keep a little bit of hope while moving on. This way I can face the future without ignoring my past. Or so I thought. Four years has passed by and I did in fact move on! I was happy until two days ago when I realized the person who broke my heart is happy in a relationship with someone else. That’s ok! Right? Well not exactly. He was not the kind of person who was looking for love, he was a pessimist, rude and just negative in every way and yet he found love. That’s not fair! I was the optimistic, hopeless romantic who dare to appreciate the beauty of  a dark rainy day!  And Yet he is the one who finds love? While I’m alone as a dog? I’m ok alone or at least I thought I was! I just don’t see how this is fair! Life’s irony is just too crude and harsh to even understand. So I want to dedicate this entry to irony! Three Cheers for the ironic twist of fate! How daydreaming helped me let go of love and yet it caused me pain. Three Cheers for the time that I wasted thinking about him! Three Cheers for him and his girl who is not me but I guess he knows that by now! Three Cheers for today the day that I finally realized that it’s ok to daydream but maybe not about lost causes. Three Cheers for anyone out there who has ever felt this way. So happy that the pain and stupidity can finally leave and I can close this capter in my life for once and for all! Three Cheers for the person reading this entry and thinking about their own love stories. Three Cheers for having something to shake me and help me realized that while not being fair life will give you happiness. I know mine is still out there. I just need to daydream more about other new possibilities!


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