Daydreaming about Analytics

Early this year, I started this blog as an assignment for my social media class. I must confess that I did not know what I wanted to write about. I was so lost trying to figure out exactly what topics would be the most interesting, compelling and captivating. I wanted to write from the heart in a way that I would reach many people and engage with them. After writing four posts about Tarte’s makeup online community, and social platforms like Instagram, I am very happy  with my results and I want  to share my progress and knowledge about social media analytics.

Analytics are tools that facilitated the measurement and evaluation of online campaigns, social media accounts, and other type of online platform. These tools are applied by not only businesses but average users to determine the effectivity of engagement, content, and reach on their social platforms. Properly using analytics would increase the way people can connect with their audience, since it is possible to analyze their online efforts and determine the number of audience growth, account traffic and visits each day. Also by understanding the most important key performance indicators for each account, a user can realized about futile attempts to meet his or her goals. Users can also find new strategies based on successful material that shows approval from the audience. In a way analytics reflect the numbers and statistics of audience interaction. Analytics can also draw awareness about meeting objectives and evaluating current tactics to communicate a message.

Many social media platforms like WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter offer their own statistics and ways to measure performance. Google Analytics is way to measure online presence, websites and content besides analyzing social media accounts.

The picture below shows the stats from my WordPress blog. By clicking on the year option, I decided to evaluate my progress so far. The chart and table shows that my blog had 40 views, 26 visitors, 22 likes, and 2 comments. By interpreting those numbers, I can see that my posts were somehow effective in engaging with other bloggers. I only had 2 comments that also represent the impressions and ways in which people felt about my posts. I did not include many tags in my posts and that might be one reason why I didn’t reach as many people as I expected. I did meet my goal of engaging with people, but I would have liked to engage with more visitors and have more views.

analitcs 1

Analytics can be powerful tools once people know how to use them to improve their online presence. It is not about the numbers, but what they represent and how they change the way people interact with the public.



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