Dreaming of #tartecosmetics


(A screenshot from tartecosmetic’s Instagram account)

Two months ago, I wrote about Tarte, the cosmetics company, and its Instagram/Twitter campaign. The #tartecosmetics, as it is known by many Instagram users, has been not only a revolutionary step for the company to communicate in a personal level with its costumers but to celebrate its philosophy of achieving a real healthy beautiful look. By featuring posts of average women, Tarte has increased its followers on Instagram to 3.5 million; the campaign has captured the attention of many potential clients. The average women’s testimonials, the product information, the makeup tutorials and the creative yet playful ways in which each post is displayed, are just a few of the strategies used in this campaign.

Tarte is well aware of the perks of using Instagram and Twitter accounts as channels to convey its message across its target audience. Many women go on these social media platforms looking for information about makeup products and guides that help them achieve a beautiful look. By choosing to focus on the company’s social network, Tarte’s campaign attempts to influence these women and capture their attention by providing beauty tips and testimonials. The campaign was designed to target makeup consumers that are looking for high quality, performance and healthy cosmetic products. It also focuses on a young generation of millennials that are interested in learning about Tarte while socializing and connecting with other people.

Also Tarte’s social media campaign address many other goals and objectives that are important for the company to increase production and maximize profits. By fully understanding its public and generating content that appeal to the target audience, the #tartecosmetics campaign generates attention and creates an influential positon in the makeup community. The campaign also focuses to meet the following goals:

  1. Increase brand awareness by featuring testimonials
  2. Establish a personal connections with costumers
  3. Increase users, followers, clientele
  4. Advertise and promote cosmetic products.
  5. Achieve credibility by featuring make up experts
  6. Promote beauty among average women
  7. Strengthen relationships with stakeholders

In order to examine if this is campaign is as successful as the company wants it to be, a series of research should be conducted. Tarte can examine the number of current followers in the Instagram and Twitter accounts and compare it to the amount of followers it had before the #tartecosmetics campaign. Also, Tarte can survey the costumers that purchase products online by asking them how they heard about the product and  the reason why they decided to buy it. The survey can have multiple options including the social media campaign reference. This research strategy will help to measure the level of engagement that it is achieve by the campaign. Counting the posts with the hashtag #tartecosmetics can be another strategy to measure and see the level of brand awareness among social media users.

Tarte is a cosmetics company that is interested in positioning and gaining the trust of its clientele. By providing not only natural products but making an effort to establish a two way communication system, Tarte is reflecting a level of great social media and corporate social responsibility strategies.




  1. dreamingofmae · March 20, 2016

    Great post! I’ve actually heard so many great things about Tarte and I am wanting to try their foundation. Thank you for the post ❤


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