Dreaming about #kissandmakeup

As a makeup enthusiast, I love to find cosmetics products that do not only make me feel beautiful but triggers a positive change in me. As a responsible consumer, I like finding out about brands that support and encourage corporate social responsibility and promote good citizenship values. There is no secret that I have previously talked about Tarte and its exceptional social media campaign #tartecosmetics. This time, I will focus on another Tarte’s social media campaign that has caught the attention of many Instagram users.

The #kissandmakeup is the latest Tarte’s Instagram campaign that is inspiring not only tartelettes but makeup enthusiasts to join in to stop cyber-bullying. The campaign focuses on bringing awareness to this problematic issue that affect the whole entire cyber-community. Tarte is aware that cyber-bullying highly damages women’s self-esteem and that currently affects its Instagram community. As it’s described by Tarte’s CEO, “Cyber-bullying is all too common on social media. 88% of teens witness cyberbullying every day. We want to use our social platform to encourage our fans to spread positivity rather than judge someone’s appearance which is why this initiative is so important to us” (Tarte cosmetics Partner with ByStander Revolution to Help Stop Cyber-bullying, 2016). As a way to put an end to this issue and ensure a hateful free place to its online community, Tarte has partner up with the Bystander Revolution organization to promote positive comments instead of negative remarks.

The #kissandmakeup campaign encourages women to post selfies that show a kiss stain on their hand covering their mouth. Also they need to use the #kissandmakeup, tag a friend and complement her or him. They also need to tag @tartecosmtics, and @bystanderrevolution. Some pictures will be featured on Tarte’s Instagram account.

It is most likely that this campaign targets the following audience’s demographics and psychographics:


  • Young women ages 16-25.
  • Not married.
  • High schoolers and college undergraduates.
  • Tartelettes, Tarte’s Instagram followers.
  • Makeup consumers.
  • Makeup artists, enthusiasts, regular consumer.
  • Users part of  Instagram makeup communities.


  • Heavy social media users.
  • Instagram users that have experienced cyber-bullying.
  • Women that experienced bullying in the real world.
  • Women interested on makeup and photography.
  • Succeeders with high work ethic and support stability.
  • Young Aspirers oriented to image an appearance.

As a way to effectively communicate the message, Tarte features the posts of celebrities, makeup artists and well known Instagram makeup personalities. These individuals help to spread and promote the message among their followers. As seen below, Tarte reposted a picture of the famously actress Melissa Joan Hart participating in the #kissandmakeup.


(A screenshot from tartecosmetic’s Instagram account)

The #kissandmakeup does a great job motiving women to use their prior knowledge and experience on cyber-bullying to speak up and participate in the campaign. The success of the campaign is also attributed to use of Instagram as a media platform to reach out its target audience. The great use of Tarte’s social media presence and its 3.4 million followers to solve this issue, conveys the interest of the company on meeting societal expectations.



Tarte Cosmetics Partners with ByStander Revolution to Help Stop Cyber-Bullying. (2016,February 11). PR Newswire. Retrieved from http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/tarte-cosmetics-partners-with-bystander-revolution-to-help-stop-cyber-bullying-300218594.html





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