Dreaming of a Beautiful Self

There is no secret that every woman wants to be beautiful. Makeup is one of the answers to enhance physical features to feel beautiful. I personally have tried so many cosmetics products and some of them are not as efficient as advertised and they damage my skin. While looking for a mascara for sensitive eyes, I came across with the cosmetics brand Tarte.

Tarte is one of the most precious cosmetics companies in the United States. Its founder and current CEO, Maureen Keller, created cosmetic products that capture the glamour and green attempts to achieve the perfect look with healthy options. Tarte cosmetics are cruelty-free. The company focuses on outstanding formulas that will make waterproof mascara, powder foundation and other products last up to 12 hours. Tarte contributes and supports environmental protection of the Rainforest. Its philosophy promotes real results for women.

Tarte launched a social media campaign inviting costumers to upload pictures of themselves wearing Tarte make up, and their favorite Tarte cosmetic products on Instagram or Twitter. By using the hashtag #tartecosmetics, Tartelettes, the individuals that use Tarte cosmetics, share their personal and unique Tarte experience with the world. Some of the posts will actual be featured on the official Tarte Instagram, Twitter accounts and its official website. These posts work as a practical way to spread the word about Tarte cosmetics using the Tartelettes’ social network. Also, this campaign uses social media platforms to not only establish a personal relationship between the company and its customers but to display testimonials of real women using Tarte in unique, creative ways.

disney tarte

(A screenshot from tartecosmetics’ Instagram account)

As an active Instagram user, I currently follow Tarte on Instagram, and I have noticed that the company incorporates the concepts of ethos and logos in its successful persuasive messaging strategy. These concepts are used as a way to establish credibility by featuring posts of well-known Instagram beauty experts like @Makeupbydenise. Denise posts pictures and video tutorials to show how to apply makeup and the products she uses to achieve beautiful looks.



(A screenshot from tartecosmetics’ Instagram account)

The Tarte campaign’s content emphasizes the Interactive two way conversation between the average costumers and Tarte cosmetics. By only choosing pictures in which Tarte cosmetics are highlighted in some way, Tarte not only captures the attention of the Instagram and Twitter users but focuses its content topic to promote beauty while using healthy products. The Campaign applies the social media content creation concept to increase its users and clientele by posting the pictures of the Tartelettes in its social platforms. The posts on Instagram are effective in conveying that Tarte relates to the average women.

meow(A screenshot from tartecosmetics’ Instagram account)

Tarte is definitely a cosmetics company that is interested in finding innovative ways to strengthen its relationships with its shareholders through different channels. I personally think this campaign is effective since it shows posts of regular women. It is not necessary to be a model or an expert to be featured in Tarte’s social network. I also think it’s a great way to connect and expand my network by interacting with fellow makeup lovers and enthusiasts. By using social media, Tarte also informs costumers about new products and how to apply them to achieve a healthy beautiful look.




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